Solid Wood Design
Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Medium Density Fiberboard

Better known as MDF This material is a glorified particle board. It is weaker heavier and literaly crumbles when exposed to water. But... Its cheaper, which is why many large box cabinet factories have gone to extensive use of MDF. Because it does not have the strength of interwoven woodgrain, joints are prone to break and longer stretches sag overtime. MDF anywhere in a cabinets is a compromise of cabinet integrity which is why We use absolutly no MDF in our construction.

 Solid Wood Design

Solid Wood Design Solid wood

- Cherry -

Boasting a warm, rich, natural reddish-brown tone, solid wood design Cherry evokes elegance. This solid hardwood is known for its fine, tight grain patterns. When machined and sanded, it's shiny and smooth. It takes stain well, and darkens over time with exposure to light. Cherry may have mineral streaks and pin burls, and will darken noticeably with age. Sapwood may appear in profiled areas.

Solid hard maple wood Design

- Maple -

Normally whitish or creamy in color, Maple looks clean and radiant in a light stain. Maple is a strong and durable hardwood and tends to be evenly and closely grained. It's perfect for a contemporary feel. Maple may have mineral streaks or dark areas, especially in profiled areas. These streaks become even darker when stained, and can give it a distinct blotchy or mottled look. solid wood design

Red oak traditional wood

- Red Oak -

Extremely strong, ever popular and always reliable, Red Oak's handsome, open-grained wood has varying patterns as well as colors - ranging from warm, soft browns and pinks to near-white. The variety of grains allows for a pleasant color gradation when a stain is applied. Solid wood design QUARTER-SAWN OAK - Cut at a 90-degree angle to the grown rings, Quarter-sawn Oak (also known as Rift Cut) has a distinctive straight and vertical grain. Because of the method, this wood is limited in length and width, but highly prized for veneers especially.

Solid Wood Design Hickory wood

- Hickory -

A heavyweight contender for your kitchen, Hickory is famous for its extreme strength, flexibility and shock resistance. Once used for wagon wheels, and even the Wright Brothers' historic plane, it is characterized by dramatic variations in colors, ranging from white to chocolate, and provides an alternative to oak for those who prefer an open-grained wood, but have tired of the traditional oak look. Also, hickory will contain characteristics associated with tree growth, which include pin hole, knots, burls and color streaks. Solid wood design

Solid Pine wood Design

- Knotty Pine - solid wood design

Light in both weight and color, Knotty Pine contains knots that give it a distinctive character, ranging from pin knots to large bull's-eyes. It is straight grained, usually a blondish-white, and can be stained in a variety of colors or left its natural shade. Knotty Pine is a favorite for provincial or country designs. Knotty Pine is a soft wood and dents easily. Pine has pitch, which under extreme heat can rise to the surface. Colors around knots will change. solid wood design

Solid design with walnut wood

- Walnut - solid wood design

Rare and treasured, walnut is a durable, strong, smooth-grained hard wood with a grain wavier near the roots and straighter at the trunk. Light reddish brown to deep chocolate brown, it contains burls, butts and curls, that show off well in a variety of finishes. For reproductions and antique styles, Walnut is versatile and popular, since its luster grows over time - reflecting the incoming light and suffusing a kitchen with a warm glow. Walnut varies considerably from light to dark. Paint grade may be a blend of birch, soft maple or hard maple, which are all close-grain woods. Paint grade is non-select for color and grain pattern and may vary from dark heartwood to very light sapwood.

solid wood design spanish cedar

Our Solid wood design makes outdoor furniture like this entertainment center possible. Built from Spanish cedar the masterpiece will stand the test of time! 


Solid wood design